Reglazing is the process of refinishing porcelain and ceramic fixtures and surfaces to look new. Your worn-out bathtubs and tiling can be restored to its previous shine right in place – in just a few hours – for a fraction of the cost of replacement!!!

Your bathtub has most likely lost its original appearance over the years, owing primarily to the use of harsh abrasive cleaners. Furthermore, the surface has grown porous to the point that keeping it clean is difficult, if not impossible. Dirt and soap scum are captured and retained in the roughened surface in the same way that a sponge absorbs water.

Perhaps your tub was the victim of someone dropping a large object and chipping or damaging the surface. Perhaps the tub has been severely damaged due to the improper use of drain cleaners or other chemicals. Perhaps the tub has been heavily discolored by who knows what. Perhaps your tile has aged and is crazing, discoloring, or no longer shines. Maybe the grout between your tiles is getting old and difficult to clean, or maybe you just don’t like the color of your tub or tile!

All of these issues can be resolved by reglazing. Any chipped or damaged portions can be repaired by our professionals. They will then use our industrial cleaning procedure to prepare the surface for reglazing. Following that, we will mask off and safeguard all nearby goods, as well as set up ventilation equipment to reduce overspray and odors. Then, we apply and cure our proprietary adhesive coating. We install our “No Slip” bottom while reglazing the tub to prevent slip and fall incidents. Finally, our distinctive synthetic porcelain finish is put to the surface and chemically bonded. The new surface is gleaming and simple to clean. In your home, there is no hazardous chemical residue or mess. Mildew growth is almost eliminated since grout lines are sealed.

Why replace an old bathtub or tile simply because the color has faded or the surface has worn away? We can make them look like new again for a fraction of the cost of replacement, IN ANY COLOR!!

Replacement vs. Reglazing

The most difficult aspect of traditional replacement is removing the old bathtub. Parts of the bathroom tile, walls, and floor must be removed throughout the process. The existing plumbing is frequently in the wrong spot to accommodate the new bathtub, adding time and price. When you factor in the cost of the new bathtub, floor and wall materials, ceramic tiles, lumber, carpenter, plumber, and tile setter, it’s easy to see how replacing a bathtub can cost thousands of dollars – not to mention the dirt, noise, and inconvenience of having workmen tramp through your home for days or even weeks. Finally, there’s the inconvenience of not having access to your own bathroom for a lengthy period of time.

Your worn out fixtures and tile can be restored to their previous sheen in less than a day with reglazing. You avoid the downtime and inconvenience of replacement. Reglazing can save you up to 80% off the cost of replacement. (By the way, new bathtubs are frequently inferior to those that are being replaced.) Even the color of your fixtures and tile can be changed. You can have the bathroom of your dreams without having to deal with the nightmare of replacement. For more information, contact EK Philadelphia Bathtub Reglazing in Philadelphia.